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Meet Our Staff

Dr Adrian Gallagher and the staff at Brisbane Bird Vet are dedicated to providing the best quality service to both you and your bird.

Our goal is to assist you in keeping your valued family member as happy and healthy as possible. As a client, you will receive exceptional customer service and quality veterinary care from our highly skilled staff. Our friendly staff provide thorough clinical examinations, comprehensive diagnostic testing facilities, exceptional medical and surgical care and expert advice on diet, husbandry, behaviour and much more.

Dr Adrian Gallagher BVSc(Hons) MACVSc(Avian Health)

Owner & Veterinarian

Adrian and GonzoAdrian grew up in historic Maryborough to parents Peter and Barbara. He has always been involved with aviculture, catching 'the bug' from his father at an early age. He has had experience with keeping most types of birds, both aviary and companion. He graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Hons) in 1985 and worked in small animal clinics in the north side suburbs of Ascot, Boondall and Brighton. Adrian purchased the Brighton Veterinary Surgery in 1992 and further developed his avian clientele.

It was his love of birds that saw Adrian undertake further study in Avian Health and gain his membership to the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists in 1993.

Adrian is highly dedicated to his profession. He lectures veterinarians, nurses, aviculturists, school students and members of the pet shop industry on all aspects of avian care and their welfare. Education of pet owners is a priority for Adrian. He believes that with education comes understanding. Adrian is also a patron of the Parrot Society of Australia (which he has held for nearly 20 years), the Queensland Bird Breeders Club Inc. and the Beenleigh Bird Breeders Association.

Many of you will be familiar with his birds Gonzo, Wally and Jellybean.

Dr Catherine Apuli BVSc(Hons)


Catherine is proudly Brisbane born and raised. Her love for birds began at the age of 6, when a family friend gifted her a pet cockatiel named Georgie. Since then, Catherine has kept, bred and hand-raised many different types of Australian parrots as well as Gouldian Finches. Her favourite birds are Cockatiels and Eclectus Parrots. Billy and Molly are Catherine’s pair of hand-raised Eclectus Parrots who certainly like to get up to mischief and keep her busy!

Catherine studied a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at the University of Queensland at their Gatton campus. Whilst studying at university, she was able to combine her love of travel with her studies. Her second year of study saw her visit New Zealand for sheep placement. Catherine also completed 10 weeks of clinical placement in the UK in her final year, where she spent time with exotics, large animals and also companion animals. Her favourite part about being a vet is being able to work with owners to educate them on proper care, husbandry and nutrition. Wildlife and lost birds are also some of her favourite aspects as she likes to assist the birds who need a little bit of help!

Dr Liam Flanagan BSc BVSc(Hons) MANZCVS(Avian Health) MANZCVS(Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets)


Liam graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science with Honours in 2010. While completing his degree, Liam worked as a veterinary nurse and later, a veterinary assistant.  He has had a love of birds, especially Australian natives, since he started keeping finches, budgies and cockatiels as a child. Liam started bringing his own birds to see Dr Adrian in the mid-1990s. While at vet school, Liam undertook large amounts practical work in zoos and avian centred practices and spent many weeks at Brisbane Bird Vet with Dr Adrian. Since graduation Liam has fostered his love of birds and exotics in a number of well-regarded clinics with a high avian case load.

In 2014 Liam undertook and completed exams to attain his Membership of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Avian Health. In 2017, Liam attained his Membership qualification in Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets.

Liam and his wife currently share their home with a rainbow lorikeet, a green-cheeked conure, 3 cockatiels, a guinea pig and 3 cats.

Hannah Gallagher

Veterinary Nurse

Hannah and DollyHannah is one of our full-time veterinary nurses who has a strong background in avian care, she is Adrian’s daughter! She has always had a passion for animals and has kept birds from a young age. Hannah can assist you with her extensive knowledge of bird behaviour, bird husbandry and with medical advice. She has a special interest in chicken husbandry and bird behaviour. Hannah is primarily responsible for the medical care of all hospitalised patients, surgical nursing, managing pathology and generally ensuring the hospital is managed well.

Hannah is currently operating Brisbane Bird Boarding, an avian specific boarding facility. Give her a call should you require boarding in a facility with optimal disease screening to minimise the risk of disease transmission between birds during their stay. This is the only bird boarding facility in Brisbane that requires health screening for infectious diseases, ensuring the health of your bird during your time away.

Jennifer Harris

Veterinary Nurse

Jennifer and CumariJennifer has always had a connection with nature and the environment. She has strong views on animal welfare and is an ardent conservationist. She worked on various Queensland islands e.g. Green, Keppel and Heron, prior to commencing employment at Royal Brisbane Hospital and various private hospitals on the Sunshine Coast as a phlebotomist. She jumped at the chance of working with her passion, birds, as a veterinary nurse/receptionist and has been an important part of the team since 2008. Jennifer is currently studying a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She has a family of cockatiels (Bubbles, Rice and their baby Princess), Mojo the Sun Conure, Cumari and Savina the female Eclectus.

Check out Jennifer's youtube channel Little Bird Channel for cute bird and parrot foraging videos.

Madeline Ricca

Veterinary Nurse

Madeline is currently studying veterinary science at UQ Gatton. She joined the team at Brisbane Bird Vet in early 2017 whilst in her third year of veterinary science. Madeline has three Cockatiels, Nala, Bailey and Casper.

Brittney Mallon

Veterinary Technician

Brittney is our newest staff member. She is a recent graduate from the University of Queensland Gatton, having completed her studies in a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Veterinary Technology. After completing practical placements at a few avian specialist practices in Brisbane, including Brisbane Bird Vet, she obtained a veterinary nursing part time position after displaying her enthusiasm and passion for all avian species during her time with us.

Brittney has always had a keen interest and love of all animals since she was a child but her real desire to work with birds developed from owning her first cockatiel at 5 years of age. She now owns a 18 year old cockatiel named Silky and a 3.5 year old sun conure named Tequila!


WallyWally, a sulphur crested cockatoo, was surrendered to BBV in 2008. She had a number of serious conditions which her previous owners were unable to treat.

After correcting her malnutrition, osteoporosis, fractured humerus and pancreatic abscess, Wally has become a star at the practice. She regularly happily donates blood for transfusions and has saved many an avian patient as a result.


GonzoGonzo is a gang gang cockatoo and he has been with Adrian for ten years. After a touch and go start to life, he has become an ardent advocate for BBV. Gonzo makes periodic appearances at the surgery, meetings and events in support of Brisbane Bird Vet. His strengths are smooching and cuddling.


JellybeanJellybean is a double eyed fig parrot with attitude. After being rescued as a featherless chick from a butcher bird in Innisfail, he was surrendered to the Brighton Veterinary Surgery in 2006. He loves the girls but often has a dislike for men, especially during breeding times.