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Our Services

At Brisbane Bird Vet we advocate New Bird Health examinations and Annual Health examinations.

We provide services for all areas of Queensland, Australia including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. For more information on any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also read our health and enrichment tips, our FAQs and handouts or subscribe to our newsletter.

Healthy Bird Examinations

A healthy bird examination is just as important for our companion birds as it is for our canine and feline friends. It could possibly be more important, given that birds are flock animals and must camouflage illness for as long as possible to survive. An annual examination allows our experienced avian veterinarians to detect and treat any underlying problems before they cause serious illness and disease. We allow ample time to discuss any other important issues or concerns you may have including nutrition, behaviour, general husbandry and preventative medicine.


Just as with other domestic pets, microchipping provides permanent identification for your bird. It is advisable to have your bird microchipped to assist with relocating your bird if it escapes or is stolen.  You can watch a video of the Microchipping procedure here.


Pathology is the study of disease and there are now many tests we can do ‘in clinic’. These tests allow us to detect any underlying problems before they cause disease or illness and also to diagnose diseases and conditions in the clinically affected bird. We are able to access many outside laboratories including IDEXX and MDS Africa. Turn around times are now better than ever, allowing quick diagnosis and early treatment.

Surgical and DNA Sexing

Many birds are monomorphic, meaning that they are difficult to tell the sex of by their plumage. These birds require sex determination to determine their sex. The most accurate method for sex determination is surgical sexing. This is a short laparoscopic procedure performed under general anaesthetic. This method is very safe and accurate.

Alternatively, a small blood sample can be collected by sterile means for a DNA test. This method of sex determination is very safe but is not as accurate as surgical sexing.

Behavioural Management

Just like dogs and cats, our feathered friends can misbehave. Understanding captive bird psychology allows our experienced avian veterinarians to help manage companion bird behaviour. You don’t need to tolerate undesirable or unwanted behaviour. Simple training tips and a commonsense approach can very often resolve problem behaviour. Undesirable behaviour is very often linked to ‘bored’ birds. Birds are very clever and socially very interactive – environmental stimulation is normally discussed during these behavioural management consultations.

Training Consultations

Our training consultations are a one on one consultation held with our senior nurse Hannah Gallagher, during these consultations a variety of basic training and routine husbandry behaviours are discussed and implemented tailored to the individual bird. Behaviours covered may include but certainly aren’t limited to step up, recall training, harness training, station training, foraging and enrichment.  We discuss training these behaviours using force free training empowering our companion parrots with choice. The initial consultation is a one hour session where the opportunity is provided to discuss and set goals and delve into the training techniques that can be used to get there. Over the weeks after the initial consult we hope to see you back to help you with your training journey, and of course, provide you and your companion parrot with some more learning opportunities.

More information (PDF)

Accident and Emergency Care

Here at Brisbane Bird Vet we are able to offer primary accident and emergency care. We will also gladly accept referred avian cases that require specialised avian emergency care. Please do not hesitate to contact us immediately if you require emergency veterinary care.

Psittacosis (Chlamydiosis) Testing

Psittacosis is a condition in humans caused by the organism Chlamydophila psittaci. It is the most common disease that birds spread to humans. Many birds carry this organism in a "dormant" form without it resulting in any active disease until your bird becomes immuno-suppressed by some other condition. All companion birds should be screened for this organism.

For more information download our Psittacosis handout.

Aviary Management

We also encourage the assessment and management of aviary birds in the same way as our companion birds. Underlying disease and nutritional disorders can result in premature death and reduced reproductive success.

Dr Adrian Gallagher and his associates are experienced veterinarians who have undertaken many additional studies and regularly attend avian conferences around the world to partake in further education. Our services will help the novice or the seasoned aviculturalist maintain healthy, disease free aviaries. We will consult with you and implement health care regimes and preventative medicine programmes to help maintain maximum egg production and chick health.


We have designed and built a fully equipped surgery with avian specific equipment, such as heating elements, to maintain body temperature during lengthy operations.

We are able to perform many surgical procedures, including:

  • All fracture repairs including legs and wings
  • Orthopaedic surgery
  • Avian hysterectomies and other reproductive accidents including prolapses
  • Tumour removal and all soft tissue resections
  • Laparotomies and abdominal mass resections
  • Organ biopsies
  • Endoscopy

Bird Products and Merchandise

At Brisbane Bird Vet we stock a wide range of pelleted food and enrichment toys. Our pellet brands include Roudybush, Vetafarm and Pretty Bird. Come in and check out the display of enrichment devices and chat to our nurses about which would best suit your bird's needs.

Bird Boarding

Boarding can be arranged with Brisbane Bird Boarding (BBB), which is located in Wamuran. Birds must have passed an annual examination and basic disease screen prior to acceptance at BBB. This is solely to protect your birds from contracting any infectious disease whilst in care. This is the only facility in Brisbane that requires any disease testing for the protection of your feathered friend.