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Brisbane Bird Vet happily accepts orphaned and injured wildlife.

Rehabilitation and release is a priority for us and every endeavour will be made to achieve this goal. It is important to note the exact location where a bird is found to facilitate its release into the same area once rehabilitated. Some species are territorial and must be released into the location where they were found.

Wild baby birds

Baby birds should be left in the wild wherever possible.

Please refer to the What to Do If You Find a Wild Baby Bird handout and Have You Found a Baby Bird poster before contacting us.

If baby birds have been injured or abandoned they should be brought into Brisbane Bird Vet.

Code and Practice - Care of sick, injured or orphaned protected animals in Queensland (PDF)

Emergency contacts

Australian Wildlife Hospital

Phone: 1300 369 652
Visit website

Pelican and Seabird Rescue

Phone: 0404 118 301
Visit website

RSPCA Queensland

Phone: 1300 264 625
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Wildcare Australia

Phone: 07 5527 2444
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